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Bewitched Crafts with Tracy Miller

Sep 29, 2020

Do you ever procrastinate on tasks that seem overwhelming even though you have a strong desire to have them finished?  I'm working to over come my blocks to making videos.

This Newhart Show parody says it all:

How To Heat Emboss:

What would you like to see me...

Sep 22, 2020

Is your album a highlight reel?  I'm revealing the secret to taking your memory keeping to the next level, allowing you to show your true character and providing evidence that you can do hard things.

Sep 15, 2020

Self care is much more than bubble baths.  My toolbox includes vitamins, drinking lot of water, exercise, and paper crafting.

Sep 8, 2020

I'm tackling an overwhelming project and creating the evidence that I can do hard things.  Listen in to find out why my new Fall smash book is my secret weapon.

Sep 1, 2020

I thought I had all kinds of time on my hands with so many things closed and most of my plans canceled.  So I signed up for everything from classes to book clubs. I found business classes here, there, and everywhere.  So much temptation!  Now I'm designing my Fall Smash Book to help me combat shiny penny syndrome so I...