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Bewitched Crafts with Tracy Miller

Nov 24, 2020

So much good stuff!  Get a sneak peek on upcoming classes, sales, and special offers.

12 Cards of Christmas

Mailing list including(new sketch club and Tinsel Time Tags class special)

Super Sketch Saturday

Nov 17, 2020

For many of us this will be a Thanksgiving like no other.  If you are missing your friends, family and long standing traditions,  you'll likely be served a heaping helping of change.  tune in to this quick discussion on adapting to make the best of it.

Nov 10, 2020

It's time for a rant!  Don't even think about telling me stamps are flat, dull, and boring.  I am dishing out an earful.  Listen in as I throw down the gauntlet and defend my favorite paper crafting tool.

Take a look at the Flourished Joy stamp in action on my first Super Sketch Saturday...

Nov 3, 2020

Between politics and the pandemic, I'm stressed to the max.  An email titled Countdown to Christmas pushed me over the edge.  The struggle to get it all done for the holidays is usually all the pressure I can handle.  How will I get it done if I'm exhausted to begin with?  Is paper crafting the Rx for stress?

Want to be...