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Bewitched Crafts with Tracy Miller

Jan 30, 2024

Never underestimate the power of a handmade card!  Everyone faces challenges and hard times.  Let's talk about the impact of sending words of encouragement and support.   

Jan 22, 2024

Need a new way to build excitement and momentum for your New Year's resolutions?  Let's put some fun into your process and play with the number 24 as inspiration!

Click here to see the perfume unboxing and get new ideas for your Book of Me:

Wanna add to my Book of Lists? ...

Jan 16, 2024

January seems to be the time most of us are talking about goal setting and becoming happier.  Let's talk about three tools that can support these goals and how our paper craftig hobby fits in.

Details on the Paper Crafter's Planner:

See it in action:

Jan 9, 2024

Winter may be a time for slowing down, getting cozy, and reflecting, but New Year's is a time for resolutions, plans, and building energy.  At long last my craft space was to have been repaired after two months of work to repair damage from a broken waste pipe.  Friends, it was not to be.  My space remains a work in...

Jan 1, 2024

Hello crafty friends!  In this quick episode, I'm sharing just how I am kicking off my new year with the return of my blog, my new digital planner, and at long last, my restored craft space.